Using SBA Loans to Sustain Your Small Business

As the economy fluctuates, so does the amount of business a company brings in. Unfortunately, this sometimes leaves them without the capital they need to continue operating. If your company needs capital to continue daily operations or even to expand, an SBA loan may be the right fit.

Reasons to Get a Business Loan

You may decide to consider SBA loans for many reasons. In addition to using them for daily operations, many business owners choose to take out a loan to purchase additional property and expand their companies, invest in new equipment or hire new employees. Even if your business has enough capital to expand, a loan is probably a good idea. The loan allows you to maintain your current operating cash flow, which will come in handy should you come across an unexpected issue. When seeking a loan, keep in mind that lenders prefer applicants who have stable income, a good business plan and a credit score of at least 720.

Benefits of a Business Loan

In addition to the benefit of maintaining current cash flow without forgoing an expansion, SBA loans provide several other benefits. For one thing, if your company does happen to fail, you probably won’t have to pay back your loan. This means you won’t have to dip into your personal finances. Instead, your business would be liquidated to pay back as much of the loan as possible. Another advantage is the interest rate. Although they vary depending on the lender, interest rates for small business loans are typically quite low.

Risks of a Business Loan

If you intend to apply for SBA loans, it is important to know what to watch out for. Always ensure you understand the terms of your loan, for one thing. If you have questions, ask them. A professional lender will answer them honestly and courteously. Consider how often you’ll have to make payments and how flexible those payments are, how the lender calculates interest and when, and if certain actions will bring about penalties. If you have an attorney or accountant, consider having him or her look over the contract before you sign it.

Of course, while you should be aware of the risks, don’t base your entire decision on them. SBA loans usually offer more benefits than drawbacks and using them to expand your business could put you well on your way to immense success. Shop around to ensure you get the best rate from the most trustworthy lender and you’ll be even less likely to come across problems.


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