Leveraging Unsecured Loans for Growth Focused Businesses

Growth is important to every business as it struggles to keep old customers and gain new ones. There are business capital ups and downs as the economy changes, and expansion takes money, new equipment, and planning. From time to time, relying on a loan may become necessary, but when trying to obtain a business loan, the availability is frequently based solely on the credit history of the applicant. For that reason, sometimes the best option to help business development is getting an unsecured loan. Here are a few reasons to consider why using unsecured loans to secure business growth can benefit your company.

No Collateral

Many new small businesses have few assets to put up as collateral on a secured loan. An unsecured loan doesn’t require collateral of property or equipment in order to obtain the funds necessary for company growth. For this reason, the amount loaned may be higher than could be obtained with a secured loan.
The hours of filling out paperwork, the business appraisal, and the revelation of personal data are often not required with an unsecured loan. Additionally, the funds are often available within 72 hours.

Reusable Credit

Unsecured business loans are often structured more like a credit card than an end-date loan. A credit limit is set, payments are made on the account, and the credit is available for use over and over again when business funds are short. For this reason, unsecured loans are thought of as a resource to help businesses thrive during down times. The money can also be used as a cash infusion to help seize an opportunity that unexpectedly appears, or to help pay for a forgotten training seminar.

As an additional bonus, while building your credit by making timely payments, a relationship may develop between you and your lender that can benefit your company for many years to come. This can also make obtaining financing in the future much easier as you build trust.

Freedom to Spend

An unsecured loan has few limits on how the money is spent as long as it is spent for business purposes. This freedom provides flexibility on how you help your business thrive. It allows you to personalize your business by using the money needed for software, product development, or even training.

Positive Growth

During the good and bad times to come, unsecured loans can have a huge impact on the growth of your business. Make it a positive growth experience by leveraging them to benefit your company.


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