Healthcare Financing to Grow Your Practice

At North American Commercial Capital, we understand that in order to give good care to patients, you must first ensure that your practice has the greatest tools, necessary equipment and any other incidentals required in your field. This is why we offer healthcare financing to dentists, doctors, chiropractors and veterinarians. We offer the following essential services to help our clients be as successful as they can possibly be:

Medical Equipment Financing

Medical equipment is essential to providing essential care to your patients. It can, unfortunately, be quite expensive. We are happy to help you cover the costs, either through a loan or a lease.

Working Capital

Working capital is often one of the greatest concerns for a practice. Loans can help you have the funds you need in order to enhance your practice, bring in more patients, and do whatever it is you believe will help you achieve your business goals. These loans are offered with no upfront payments, terms as long as 72 months and no impact to your personal credit.

Debt Consolidation

Managing your practice’s debt can become an easy proposition when you consolidate your debt into one low monthly payment. Minimize your revolving debt and consolidate your liabilities to make them easier to handle. Approval is quick and easy.

Practice Acquisitions

Acquiring a new practice or buying out a partner both require serious up-front cash assistance. We are happy to provide this help so you can focus on building your business. Contact one of our associates today to begin your application.