Build Business Credit

Business credit reports are usually created by credit bureaus when credit grantors report information related to a business credit account. These reports are sometimes examined during the decision making process of whether or not to grant credit to a business.  Unlike personal credit reports that cannot be accessed without the persons permission, business credit reports can be accessed by anyone without the businesses permission. Business credit reports are used by lenders, vendors and potential clients all to check the stability of your company.

Secrets of Business Credit

Business credit is fast to build and can start accessing capital immediately.

(Per the SBA) Strong business credit increases your borrowing ability (impacting approvals, amounts, and terms) and limits are 10 to 100x higher than consumer credit.

  • Is in a Business Name (not personal).
  • Business Builds its own credit profile and credit score for its EIN number.
  • Business’ Ability to Pay, not the Business’ Owner(s).
  • You don’t need a personal guarantee or credit check
  • Business credit doesn’t put an inquiry on your personal credit
  • Therefore getting business credit won’t adversely affect your personal credit scores
  • Building good business credit can help you get loans later

Step by Step Process

We mentor our clients through our proven step by step process to build their business credit and access capital in a matter of days not months.

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