Flexible Accounts Receivable Programs

Accounts receivable financing is also known as factoring and offers an excellent way to help your company improve its cash flow. The process involves selling your accounts receivable invoices at a discount. This means that financing decisions are made based on the credit of your customers, not on the credit of your business, making it an excellent strategy for struggling businesses, startups, or organizations that have declared bankruptcy.

Benefits and Parameters

North American Commercial Capital can help you acquire funding if you provide products or services that take your clients 30 to 90 days to pay off. Not only does this prevent you from acquiring debt—since it mainly involves the sale of an asset—but it also provides useful services. Our program allows us to:

  • Check your customers’ credit for you
  • Alert you to potential risks
  • Offer free credit insurance to qualifying accounts
  • Provide detailed statements each month

Applications and Uses

What can you do with financing receivables funds? One option is using the money to respond to seasonal demands, or to take advantage of unexpected opportunities. However, it can also be used to help with standard operating expenses such as payroll. You can also fund your company’s growth and expansion.

Get Going

With 24 hour approval and no fixed payments, factoring is an excellent way to free up funding. Contact us today to learn more.