9 Overlooked Tricks for Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate can be a great way to invest and turn a nice profit. Many people focus too much on residential properties but commercial properties can be an amazing way to boost your earning potential. They offer many more options and give you the chance to become the owner of a business that makes money for you. Here are nine tricks to use to get the most out of your investments.

1. Know the First Deal Takes Time

Unlike residential real estate, commercial properties can take more time. They don’t come as easily and there is often more negotiation involved. In addition, they are so varied that there isn’t just one solution to a deal. So, it can take more time than you may be used to, and that is okay.

2. Look at More Than Apartments

It’s common for people to first think of apartments when they think commercial real estate. However, apartments aren’t the only option. Expand your search criteria, and you could find great things.

3. Think Different When Figuring Costs

While you may have a specific formula you used to determine the value of a residential property, it probably won’t work for a commercial property. You need to think about costs differently because of the different factors involved.

4. Be Willing to Take Time

It can take time to find the right investment property. You shouldn’t expect to go out and make a purchase in just one day. You want to weigh your options and not rush into anything.

5. Secure Your Financing

It can trickier to get commercial financing, so you should always have your financing in place before you ever start looking. You want to make sure that you can afford whatever you put an offer in on.

6. Be Ready to Put Up and Lose Due Diligence Money

You will usually have to put up due diligence money with any offer you make. Of course, the offer is usually contingent on certain things. If you do an inspection and it comes back unfavorable, then you can back out, but you probably will lose the money you put up.

7. Find Good Partners

Investing in commercial real estate can be tough. It is much easier to go into it with a partner. This will help you financially and in other ways. If you partner with someone experiences, for example, you can learn from him or her.

8. Build Relationships

You want to have solid relationships with brokers, lenders and other investors. This will help you out a lot in finding properties and making investment decisions.

9. Go for Big Options

Once you are in the commercial game, you have to be ready to go after the big investments. They are where the good money is found.


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